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Brand & Model:

AMS Infermat-S
Code: TZA633…


Technical Details

Through-feed Machine for the AUTOMATIC inserting-mounting of LOCKS in the DOORS panel.
This machine can AUTOMATICALLY receive the already processed door on another separate machine (ex. MASTERWOOD Door Line – our code TZA632) and automatically put in it (inserting-mounting) the lock.
The machine has 4 different stores of 4 different type of locks (ready on board)

The processable DOORS should have the following dimensions:
Length (min) mm 1800 – (max) mm 2500
Width (min) mm 600 – (max) mm 1100
Thickness (max) mm 40
Weight (max) Kg. 70

Machine composed by:
– Perimetral security grid
– No. 2 Through-feed motorized belts
– No. 2 vertical pressure pads
– No. 4 Loaders (hopper-feeder) of 4 different kind of lock
– No. 4 Horizontal locks pushers
– No. 1 Lock inserting-mounting unit
– No. 1 Separate Electric cabinet and programming PLC

OPTIONAL: This “AMS” machine can work in line after:
N° 1 CNC doors working Center “MASTERWOOD” Mod. Door Line (code TZA632)

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