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Brand & Model:

BARBERAN mm 1300 (B4 + TEV + TSP + TL + HOK)
Code: TZA619…


Technical Details

Painting-finishing full line with spraying machine. Max working width mm 1300. SPRAYING LINE FOR SOLVENT & WATER BASED UV PRODUCTS.
Composed by these machines:

a) pos. 101 – Motorized ROLLERs Table Mod. MMPL-2500/14

b) pos. 102 – BRUSH CLEANING MACHINE Mod. LP-1400

c) pos. 103 – ROTARY AUTOMATIC SPRAYING MACHINE with 4 arms and 4 spray guns Mod. RR-B4

d) pos. 104 – FLASH-OFF TUNNEL (for air circulation) WITH BATTERY FOR WATER AT 90°C – Mod. TEV-A-6000

e) pos. 105 – HOT AIR JET DRYING tUNNEL Mod. TSP-7500

f) pos. 106 – LOW PRESSURE drying TuNNEL Mod. TL-20/1400 (16+16)

g) pos. 107 – UV DRYING TUNNEL (with 3 inclinated lamps) Mod. HOK-X-16/3

h) pos. 108 – Motorized ROLLERs Table Mod. MMPL-2500/14

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