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Brand & Model:

BIESSE Stream SB2/10.5
Code: T03028…


Technical Details

Universal DOUBLE-SIDE SIZING & EDGE BANDING MACHINE (for both 1st and 2nd pass)
Edges (tape) thickness in rolls (min/max) mm 0,3 – 3
Panels thickness (min/max) mm 10 – 60
Working width (min/max) mm 240 – 3200
Numerical Control /Software NC 410
Adjustable feeding speed (m/min ) 18 – 36
Safety and sound-proof enclosures/cabins – Center-axes of the Disappearing Dogs (mm) 500
SIZING PART (for each side):
Anti-chipping Milling Unit AS 10
No. 2 Hogging Units (1 Top + 1 Bottom) DT 10
Free space
EDGE-BANDING PART (for each side):
Glueing Unit (Hot Melt + Quick Melt Unit) SP 3 with Power Edge (band/tape saving system)
Band Pressure zone
Edge coils supporting unit (No. 6 reels)
Snipping (end-cutting) unit IT 90-S
Rough Trimming unit RS 10
Fine Trimming unit (Multi-profile, by N.C.) RF 30
Corner Rounding unit (Contour Trimming) AR 10
1 Milling grooving Unit FB 30 (Right side) + 2 1 Milling horizontal grooving Units (Left side)
Profile edge scraping unit (Multi-profile, by N.C.) RB 30
Glue scraping unit RC 10
Hot Air Heater (to reactivate the color of plastic tape) PH 10

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