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Brand & Model:

DICOMA 230/70 + TR 130/70
Code: JZ1028…


Technical Details

Coating and packaging line with thermo-shrinkable film, consisting of:

a) Double conveyor belt (mm 3000 x mm 1100) for application of corner protections.
– Adjustable feeding speed from 3 to 15 m/min.

b) No. 2 thermo-shrinkable film wrappers Mod. Tipo 230/70
– sliding (sideways) on rails, one can be used as an alternative to the other.
– Reel holders (2 upper ones of max. width mm 2300 + 2 lower ones of max. width mm 1400)
– Transversal cutter and sealer (mm 2300)
– Max. useful height mm 700
– Installed power KW ?

c) Shrinking tunnel Type TR 130/70
– Total length mm ???? (of which approx mm ???? are of the tunnel) with hot air circulation
(electric resistance heating and fan), total installed power KW?
– Metal stick conveyor (width mm 1500 approx.) – Max useful height mm 700
– Adjustable feeding speed from 4 to 20 m/min (estimated)

d) Double “ELME” outfeed roller conveyor (idle rollers) for cooling (mm 3000 x 1500 ca.)

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