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Brand & Model:

ERREGI Compact 250/4R + Tunnel 500-L
Code: ZV0210…


Technical Details

Packing line with thermo-shrinkable film (foil) system, total length 30 meters approx
– Total installed power KW 70 (ca.)

The line is composed of:

a) No. 2 x Conveyor Belts (mm 6000 x 800)

b) No. 1 Double conveyor belt (mm 3000 x 1100) Adjustable feed speed from 3 to 15 m/min

c) Wrapping machine Mod. Compact 250/4R with through-feed motorized carpet
– Total length of the machine (with motorized carpet) mm 7100 approx
– Holders of foil coils (4 top of max width mm 2450 and 4 bottom of max width mm 1450)
– Foil cutting unit and cross welding devices (mm 2500)
– Max useful workpieces height mm 500 – Installed power KW 8

d) Shrinking Tunnel Mod. Tunnel 500 – L (total length mm 4700 whom mm 3700 approx.
useful of shrink tunnel), with hot air circulation system (heating by electric resistances and
with fan). Through-feed motorized metal carpet (width mm 1500), Max useful height mm 500
– Feed speed adjustable from 4 to 20 m / min
– Total installed power KW 60, average hourly consumption kw 35

e) Motorized rollers table (for cooling) from mm 3000 x 1500
-Feed speed adjustable from 4 to 20 m/min

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