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Brand & Model:

ERREGI Compact 250/6R + Tunnel 700
Code: JZ1026…


Technical Details

Coating and packaging line with thermo-shrinkable film, consisting of:

a) Double conveyor belt (mm 3000 x mm 1100) for application of corner protections.
– Adjustable feeding speed from 3 to 15 m/min.

b) Stretch wrapping machine Mod. Compact 250/6R with motorized conveyor belt
– Total length of the machine (with motorised belt) mm 7600 approx.
– Reel holder (6 upper reels max width mm 2450 + 6 lower reels max width mm 1450)
– Slitter and transversal welding machine (mm 2500)
– Max useful height mm 700
– Installed power KW 12
– With automatic device to pack light pieces (from 1 to 5 Kg) by welding bar

c) Shrinking tunnel
total length about 4700 mm (of which about 3700 mm are of the tunnel) with hot air circulation (heating by electric resistances and fan), total installed power KW ?
– conveyor with metal rods (width mm 1500 approx.) – Max useful height mm 700
– Adjustable feed speed from 4 to 20 m/min

d) Outlet roller conveyor “ELME” (idle rollers) for cooling (mm 3000 x 1500 ca.)

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