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Brand & Model:

HOMAG KFL 525/8/A3/15
Code: VZ0200B…


Technical Details

Double side – First (1st) machine in a line
Edges (band in rolls) thickness (Min/Max) mm 0,3 / 3
Panels thickness (min/max) mm 12 / 40
Working width (min/max) mm 195 / 1500
Numerical Control PC 22 /Software WoodCommander
Adjustable feeding speed (m/min) 15 – 40
Safety and sound-proof enclosures/cabins
Adjustable working line (work units support tables)

SIZING PART (for each side):
Spraying unit (Anti-sticking liquid)
Hogging Units KD 10 (2 x Kw 6,6) with Hydro-clamp
Free space

EDGE-BANDING PART (for each side):
Glueing Unit (Hot Melt Glue + Quick Melt system) A3 + A34
Edge coils support (No. 24 reels) with servo-control edge feed + flex edge control software
Band Pressure zone (adjustable by N.C.) Type A
No. 2 Milling-grooving units SF 20 (2 x Kw 6,6) adjustable by N.C.
Rough Trimming unit Optimat (2 x Kw 0,55)
Fine Trimming unit (Multi-profile, adjustable by N.C.) MF 21 (2 x kW 0,55)
Free space
Profile edge scraping unit (Multi-profile, adjustable by N.C.) MN 21
Finish processing unit (Glue scraper + Buffing unit) FA 11

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