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Brand & Model:

HOMAG KL 26 /8/A12/25/S2
Code: U09069…


Technical Details

Edges (band in rolls) thickness (Min/Max) mm 0,3/3
Edges thickness in stips / lippings (min/max) mm 0,4/12
Panels thickness (min/max) mm 12/60
Working width (min/max) mm 240/2500
Numerical Control NC 21 (HOMATIC)
Feeding speed (adjustable) m/min 10/32
Top pressure system with rubber belt
Panels in-feed system
Pre-milling Unit (vertical joint trimmers) 2 X kW 4
Lamps to heat the workpieces side
Glueing Unit (Hot Melt Glue + Quick Melt system)
Band Pressure zone C
Edge coils supporting unit (reels N°) 2
Snipping (end-cutting) unit HL 83 (2 X kW 0,5)
Rough Trimming unit 2 X kW 1,55
OPTIONAL: Fine Trimming unit MF20 ( 2 X kW 0,55)
Multi Function Unit (Profile contour Trimming unit) FF12 (4 X kW 0,4)
Profile edge scraping unit MN 20
Finish processing unit ( Glue scraper + Buffing unit) FA 11
Spraying Unit (for polishing liquid)
Free space 1 x LH (left side)
OPTIONAL: Milling grooving unit RH (1 x Right side only)

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