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Brand & Model:

HOMAG NFL 26/4/30
Code: J12046…


Technical Details

Independent machine (standing alone) and/or Universal machine (First & Second in a line)

Numerical Control ( CNC) NC 21, Software Homatic
Safety and sound-proof enclosure
No. 3+3 Vertical columns to support the working units

Min. useful working width (mm)
Max. useful working width (mm) 3000
Max. useful working tickness (mm) 100 (ca.)
Max. depth of the panel (mm) for automatic infeed 1250
Distance between center-axes of the disappearing dogs (mm) 1200
Adjustable (min/max) feeding speed (m/min) 8 – 25 (ca.)

No. 4 Working groups (for each machine’s side):
1 Jumping Scoring Unit (1 x Kw 1,5 ca.)
1 Hogging Unit (1 x Kw 4,5 ca.)
1 Jumping Milling Unit (1 x Kw 4,5 ca.)
1 Free Space

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