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Brand & Model:

IMA BIMA 310 V – 120/500
Code: Z11081…


Technical Details

C.N.C. WORKING CENTER with 4 axes (X-Y-Z-C) for routering, boring, cutting and edge banding

Numerical Control IMATRONIC 231 (IMAWOP)
Max useful working area (without edge banding process) mm 5000 x 1630 x 100
Max useful working area (edge banding process) mm 3900 x 1450 x 60 (panel thickness)
No. 8 movable rails (supports) length mm 1200
LED displaying both the axe X and axe Y position
Vacuum cups (with No. 1 vacuum pump, capacity 140 m3/h)
Safety side metal grids and front emergency carpets
Motorized belt to evacuate the wastes from the working process

No. 2 Vertical Electro-spindles HSK F63 (1 x Kw 11 + 1 x Kw 7,5)
Automatic Tools Changing System, with 18 folds (places)
No. 21 Independent vertical boring spindles (4 x Kw 1,2)
No. 6 Independent horizontal boring spindles (1 x Kw 3)
Banding group on board – Glueing Unit (Hot Melt Glue) VT 50
Edge coils supporting unit (No. 6 reels)

No. 1 Circular Saw to cut and for grooving – max diam mm 200 (90°)
No. 1 Aggregate Flush-Trimming/Scraping Unit
No. 1 Cross aggregate with No. 4 horizontal boring spindles

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