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Brand & Model:

IMA Novimat Concept /I/G80/ 4325 /R3
Code: Z11068…


Technical Details


Min/max edge (band) thickness in rolls: mm 0,3-3
Min/max edges thickness in stips/ lippings: mm 1
Min/max panels thickness: mm 8-60
Numerical Control: ICOS OPEN
Feeding speed of the bottom motorized chain (adjustable): m/min 6-30
Top motorized pressure belt
Anti-sticking liquid spraying unit

Pre-milling Unit (Vertical joint trimmers) adjusted by N.C.: 08.376 (KW 4,5 x 2)
Lamps to heat the workpieces side
Glueing Unit (Hot Melt Glue + Quick Melt system) 04.1570 + 283.201
Pressure zone
Edge coils supporting unit with N. 2 coils

Snipping Unit: 08.42 (Kw 0,66 x 2) 25m/min
Rough Trimming Unit: 08.0555 (Kw 1.85 x 2)
Multi function Unit (Profile Trimming Unit): 08.342 (Kw 0,66 x 2)
Profile edge scraping unit: 08.519
Glue scraping unit: 08.50
Buffing Unit: 08.617-4 (Kw 0,18 x 4)
Smoothing unit with spheres 08.53
Free space

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