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Brand & Model:

MORBIDELLI (SCM Group) Universal HPL (Edge 67)
Code: J06030…


Technical Details

C.N.C. WORKING CENTER with 4 axes (X-Y-Z-C) for routering, boring, cutting and edge banding
Numerical Control. Software
Safety cabin (enclosure) of the working head. Front emergency carpets
Working table with pods and rails TV. Support rails (No.) 12
Digital quota display (X Axis) for the pods and rails
Max. useful working area (X – Y – Z) mm 6700 x 1900 x 100
Max. useful working area (X – Y – Z) in edge banding (mm) 6700 x 1600 x 60
Max. stroke of the axis (X – Y – Z) mm 8281 x 2640 x 250
No. 2 Working areas (2 x mm 2800)
Vacuum pump (capacity m3/h)
Motorized carpet to evacuate chips and wastes. Separate electric and command cabinet

No. 1 Vertical Electro-spindles HSK63F (1 x Kw 13)
No. 18 Independent vertical boring spindles
No. 8 Independent horizontal boring spindles
Automatic Tools Changing System, with 18 folds (places)
Banding group on board – Glueing Unit (Hot Melt Glue)
Edges (tape) thickness in rolls (min/max) mm 0,5 / 3
Edge coils supporting unit (No. 2 reels)
Pre-End cutting (pre-snipping) Unit

No. 1 Circular Saw to cut and for grooving
No. 1 Aggregate Flush-Trimming/Scraping Unit

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