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Brand & Model:

MORBIDELLI (SM Group) Planet HP 6018
Code: KZ2045…


Technical Details

Portal (gantry) CNC working center, for routering, boring, cutting and edge banding
Working Axis 4. Gantry (Portal) machine
Numerical Control. Software
No. 2 Working tables TV with pods and rails (mobile in Y-axis)
No. 6+6 (total 12) Supports/Rails
Digital quota display (X Axis) for the pods and rails
Automatic Tools Changing System.
No. 2 Tools storage plates (No. 2 x 12 = 24 of folds-positions)
Max. useful working area (X – Y – Z) mm 1830 x 6000 (2 x 3000) x 200
Max. useful working area (X – Y – Z) in edge banding (mm) 1830 x 6000 (2 x 3000) x 60
No. 4 Working areas
No. 2 Vacuum pumps (capacity 250 m3/h each)
Motorized carpet to evacuate chips and wastes
Separate electric and command cabinet. Total installed power (Kw)
No. 18 + 18 (total No. 36) Independent vertical boring spindles
No. 6 + 6 (totale No. 12) Independent horizontal boring spindles
No. 2 Drilling heads (motor-power 2 x Kw 2,2)
No. 2 Vertical electro-spindles (motor powrr 2 x Kw 11 ca.)
Edge Banding unit (always ready on board)
Glueing Unit (Hot Melt + Quick Melt Unit)
Edges (tape) thickness in rolls (min/max) mm 0,5 / 3
Edge coils supporting unit (No. 6 reels)
Circular saw aggregate
Combined aggregate (Flush-Trimming/Scraping)
Drilling Aggregate (with horizontal boring spindles)
Other aggregate and tools

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