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LOADER (LINE for Load-Turn-Unload)

Brand & Model:

RBO (BIESSE Group) Selecta C + Selecta SC
Code: VZ0500…


Technical Details

Handling line for panels, composed by:
V05081) Double-station Loader (portal) “RBO” Mod. Selecta C
V05082) Double-station Unloader-stacker (portal) “RBO” Mod. Selecta SC

Both machines have the following technical features:

Vacuum system (with its pump)
No. 4 Vertical supporting columns of the top supporting beams
No. 2 Horizontal top supporting beams (where the carriage slide on)
No. 1 Motorized sliding carriage with horizontal metal arms
No. 2 Horizontal metal arm with vacuum cups, adjustables

No. 2 Out-side rollers ways (on gound)
No. 1 Motorized rollers table (which receives panels from the Loader and bring panels to stacker)

Separate electric and command panel
Electronic Programmer (Touch Screen)
Perimetral safety metal grids
Total installed motor power Kw 12 (loader) + Kw 14 (Unloader-Stacker)

Working capacity (cycles/min) 8-10 (ca.)
Min/Max panels thickness mm 12/60 (ca.)
Min dimensions of the panels mm 250 x 320 (ca.)
Max dimensions of the panels mm 1300 x 3200

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