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Brand & Model:

SERGIANI (SCM Group) LAS 230 SP + SL + Grafmatic
Code: TZA671…


Technical Details

Automatic pressing line (short cycle and multi daylights), with “honey-comb” panels preparing line, useful for FLUSH-CORE DOORS or FURNITURE CABINETS PANELS. Line composed of:

TZA671a) Portal Loader (double pick-up station) “SERGIANI” Mod. SL10 with rollers central table
Mod. Banco

TZA671b) Top & Bottom Brushing machine “SERGIANI-OSAMA” Mod. Spazzolatrice SP-RSI

TZA671c) Top & Bottom Glue Spreader “SERGIANI-OSAMA” Mod. Incollatrice S4R

TZA671d) Motorized disks Conveyor “SERGIANI”
TZA671d1) Honey-comb Expanding machine “SERGIANI-HONICEL” Mod. Espanditore DEX III
TZA671d2) Honey-comb panels Composing Station “SERGIANI” Mod. Staz. Di Compos. SP5
TZA671d3) Crimping door frames “SERGIANI” Mod. Grafmatic
TZA671d4) Connection to the Disks Conveyor

TZA671e) Motorized belt, to infeed panels the panels to the press

TZA671f) Through-feed (10 multi-daylights) hot hydraulic Press “SERGIANI” Mod. LAS 230 SP
(2500×1300) with 4 press cylinders (diam. mm. 120)

TZA671h) Portal Unloader “SERGIANI” (double station) Mod. SL 5 (with vacuum system) with
central motorized roller way mod. Banco

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