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Brand & Model:

SIMI IMPIANTI + SAG RAC/B (mm 1400 x 4500)
Code: VZ0150…


Technical Details

Automatic pressing line (short cycle), useful to apply veneer, paper or laminates, composed of:

V03022) Loader (Portal) “SAG” Double-station (of pick-up) with central motorized rollers table

V03023) Brushing machine (to top and bottom clean the panels) “POLIMA” 

V03024) Glue Spreader “OMMA”

V03025) Motorized Conveyoring Disks way “OMMA”

V03026) Preparing table for the panels and motorized in-feed carpet to the press “SIMI”

V03027) Short cycle hot hydraulic Press “SIMI IMPIANTI” Mod. RAC/B 30.14.45.
mm 1400 x 4500, with No. 10 pressing cylinders

V03028) Unloader-stacker (Portal) “SAG” Double-station (of storage) with central motorized rollers table

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