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Brand & Model:

STEFANI (SCM Group) Ibimatic 9000 (softforming)
Code: M11044…


Technical Details

DOUBLE EDGE BANDER for doors (3 sides of doors) with melamine edges or veneer edges
– CE mark, with safety enclosures and protection devices – PLC “CNI”
– Max working width mm 2150 approx – Adjustable feeding speed from 6 to 36 m/min
Machine equipped with the following working units (each side):
* No. 1 Pre-Milling Unit type “U 55”
* Glueing Unit (Hot Melt) “HMSA” with glue pot, Quick Melt system, guillotine and pressing
rollers (revolver) for shaped edges (softforming for the doors leaf)
* Edge coil supporting unit (with 2 coils)
* End Cutters “YU/S750” (KW 0.55×2 at RPM 12000) turnable at 20°
* Overlapped trimmers “R97” (KW 1×2 at RPM 12000), with SIKO
* Fine trimming unit “RSU97” (KW 0.5 x 2 at RPM 12000), tiltable 30°, with SIKO
* Pneumatic shear with rotating knife (to engrave on residual of the projecting edge of the leaf)
* Bottom End-cutter CYPP (to take out the residual of the projecting edge of the leaf)
KW 0.5×1 at RPM 12000
* Bottom Finisher FPA (to take out the inclined residual of the projecting edge of the leaf on the
top angle of the door) KW 0.5×1 at RPM 12000
* Top Corner Rounder C3A (to complete the process on the softformed angles on the 3 front
sides) with tilted motor at 45° (KW 0.5×1 at RPM 12000)
* No. 1 Buffing Unit, oscillating, “SPO” (KW 0.25 x 1 at RPM 1400)

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