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Brand & Model:

TOMASSINI Genyus S 2/6000 L
Code: VZ0900B…


Technical Details


System with pliers/clamps (to picks up the book of panels)

No. 2 Vertical supporting columns of the top supporting beam
No. 1 Horizontal top supporting beam (where the carriage slide on)
No. 1 Motorized sliding carriage with horizontal metal arms
No. 2 Horizontal metal arms with pliers/clamps, adjustables
No. 2 Out-side rollers way (on gound) to out-feed pile of panels from the Unloader

Working capacity (15-18 cycles/min ca.) but because we can upgrade the lenght capacity up to mm 4600, it can unload 2 panels (mm 2300 long each) together in one cycle or 3 panels (mm 1500 long eac) and so on

Min/Max panels thickness mm 10 / 45
Min dimensions of the panels mm 250 x 300
Max dimensions of the panels mm 4250 x 1300

Separate electric and command panel
Electronic Programmer
Perimetral safety metal grids
Total installed motor power Kw 10,5

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