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Brand & Model:

TONELLI Honey Comb
Code: F06092…


Technical Details

This machine is useful for the process (opening and stretching) of honey-comb foils. This honey-comb is used as core for the in-side part of flush-panels in the doors & furniture production. The machine is mainly divided in 3 sections:
1) In-feed of the pressed (compact) honey-comb material
2) Pressure and cut-to-size (lenghtwise) of the pressed (compact) honey-comb material
3) Stretching (by heated air) of the cut-to-size honey comb
– With PLC to run the working process (lenght of honey-comb, quantity, etc.)
– With in-feed table mm 600 x 1530
– With 8 motorized conveyoring belts (KW 0.37) on the in-feed table
– With 2 pressing and feeding rollers (1 top & 1 bottom) width mm 400
– With 1 cutting unit (with circular saw, diam. mm 500 approx.) power KW 2.2
– With 2 vertical motorized belts (1 left & 1 right) to infeed the honey-comb to the oven
– With 2 speed-variators (KW 0.09 each) for the vertical motorized belts (1 left & 1 right)
– With oven (with pipes for the hot water circulation) and fan for the hot air circulation

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