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Brand & Model:

WEEKE (HOMAG Group) BST 500 Optimat
Code: Z03014…


Technical Details

Numerical Control Type Power Control Professional
Software woodWOP + TopDrill

No. 2 Through-feed motorized conveyoring belts

No. 2 Horizontal units/supports (with Digital quota/axes display)
No. 1 Drilling head for each horizontal unit (1 x Kw 1,5)
No. 21 Splindles for each horizontal drilling head

Max. working width (mm) 2500
Min. working width (mm) 250

No. 6 Bottom vertical units/supports (with Digital quota/axes display)
No. 2 Drilling heads/blocks for each bottom vertical unit (2 x Kw 1,5)
Miscellanous Spindles for each drilling head of the bottom vertical supports

No. 6 Vertical top pressure clamps
Motorized carpet to evacuate chips and wastes
Total installed power (Kw) 29

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